I'm an MA and MBA with a life-long passion for film & television and a knack for research, analysis, and strategy. I've spent a decade studying media fan culture and audience engagement, earning my Master's in Communication Studies from Northwestern University in 2007. Since adding an MBA in 2014, I've sought to understand fan culture from a more business-minded perspective, focusing on marketing and strategy.

I've been involved in fandom since my teens, when I discovered online fan groups and thought it was a good idea to send a bottle of Tabasco sauce to the WB (if you were a Roswell fan, you know what that's about). I've been fortunate enough to attend San Diego Comic-Con every year since 2011 and it's been fascinating to witness fan culture moving into the mainstream of pop culture.

In my day job as Director of Marketing & Strategy for my family's business, I experience the power of an engaged customer base all the time. Whether you call them brand advocates, prosumers, or influencers, they are fans by any other name and they have the power to make or break a brand. My goal is to continue to better understand fan culture, and to identify and analyze the ways that media companies are engaging with fans in mutually beneficial ways.